Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaskHandle

TaskHandle is a workflow management application for collaborative environments. It can be used by a variety of organizations and environments to coordinate jobs, tasks, and projects between individuals who work together. The app itself can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device with a supported web brower.

What browsers are supported?

TaskHandle actively supports the following browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • FireFox

Is TaskHandle secure?

Absolutely. TaskHandle uses the latest encryption algorithms and security practices to make sure data regarding your organization will never be breached. We do not share your data with any third parties.

How do we access the app?

If your organization has not yet signed up, you must register an account before the app is accessible. If you are the account manager for your organization, you can login here to access a link to your portal. The portal is where you and your team members will actually log in to access the app, so be sure to bookmark that page and share it with your teammates.

How do I add more accounts for my team?

After logging into the portal (see previous question), click the toggle button at the top left corner of the screen. A menu will open at the top of the app, click on 'Manage Account'. You will then see a form to fill out for each user. Each time you add a new user, they will be sent an email notification to log into the app and change their password (make sure they check their spam folder if they don't receive an email). Only the account manager can add or remove users to the system.

What do the different colored tickets mean?

In the app, tickets are color-coded according to due date. If a ticket is red, it is past due. If a ticket is yellow, it is due within three days. If a ticket is blue, it is not due until more than three days. This system makes it easier to visualize which tasks have a greater sense of urgency.

What is the refund policy for TaskHandle?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase of a TaskHandle Subscription, you may request a refund of your initial payment within 3 weeks (21 days) by sending an email to
You must send the request from the same email that was used to pay for the subscription. Refunds will be issued promptly. Please note, after issuing a refund, it typically take up to seven business days to complete and post to your statement.

How do I cancel my paid monthly subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, simply send an email to requesting to have your subscription cancelled.
You must send the request from the same email that was used to register an account.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account, simply send an email to requesting to have your account deleted. All data associated with your account will be permanently deleted. This action is non-reversible.
You must send the request from the same email that was used to register an account.

I have more questions!

If there is something you don't understand, we are happy to help you figure it out. Please reach out to TaskHandle Support staff at and we will get back to you promptly!