Every organization manages tasks - whether they have a system to manage workflow effectively or not is the question. Many companies manage their tasks by just 'winging it', which has been proven to result in a struggle to manage multiple on-going tasks and adapt to changing requirements in a dynamic team environment.

Having an effective task management method is critical to the overall organization and success of a business. Studies have shown companies who use a standard task management method have had a measurable reduction in the occurrence of missed deadlines and failed projects - they also reported benefitting from a substantial increase in productivity than those who did not have a system in place.

Imagine what the extra productivity will mean for your company's bottom line. TaskHandle is a task management application with a proven method that is already doing just that for the digital design team at one of the top ten most successful privately owned companies in America.

Imagine what the extra productivity will do for your company's bottom line.

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TaskHandle is the perfect collaborative solution for college classrooms, dispensaries, pipeline services, marketing departments, creative teams, and corporate offices. We have the feature set your organization needs to solve workflow and deadline issues - while increasing employee productivity and coordination.

Allow Collaboration, Make Planning Simple, Organize Workflow, Coordinate the Team, & Increase Productivity

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